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Ubisoft is the developer behind many great video game franchises, and a lot of great memories have been formed around their games. The latest title to spark up a lot of hype among video game enthusiasts is Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Ghost Recon is a long running Ubisoft game series that is closing in on its next chapter, which promises to be a bestseller. The trailers we have seen so far, paired with some early gameplay footage has led many to believe that Ubisoft really got Ghost Recon: Wildlands right.

While many were already eagerly awaiting the official release of the game, they now have even more reasons to anticipate the game launch. Ubisoft has opened the sign up for the game’s Beta phase. This means that a limited number of people will be able to enjoy and test Wildlands before anyone else. If you are eager to step into the shoes of a US Elite Special Operations agent and put an end to the drug empire, you can sign up for Beta straight from Ubisoft’s website.

The game’s action takes place in Bolivia, where your team of elite soldiers is sent to deal with the critical state of things. The corrupted Bolivian government is becoming too big of a problem as it is supporting the local drug business run by the cartel.

Your team’s goal is to put a stop to the wrong doings but are given the freedom of choosing whatever methods you find fit to get the job done. This means that while exploring the various settlements you stumble across or the vast terrain put at your disposal, you can either choose to represent the firm grip of order, or take a more brutal approach.

Either way, you get to bust drug operations while admiring the beautiful Bolivian landscape which is nicely captured by the high end graphics.

Regardless if you join Beta or not, the game will be available for purchase starting with the 7th of March, 2017. Ubisoft also released a brand new trailer titled “Mission Briefing”, that further gives us insight on what we can expect from Ghost Recon Wildlands.