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The Elder Scrolls 5, or Skyrim, was one of the most acclaimed video games ever made.  It has transcended past the status of a simple video game, into what some may even call a cult. There are a multitude of factors that contributed to the game’s success, part of them being adopted from previous Bethesda releases such as the previous Elder Scrolls iteration or the equally acclaimed Fallout series.

A great mix of open world space to endlessly explore, and a large variety of quests and adventures to partake in, turn Skyrim into an equally fascinating and addictive experience.

But what about a sequel? Ever since the release of Skyrim, fans have been asking for The Elder Scrolls 6, waiting for any news about a possible release of an even bigger adventure. Unfortunately for the masses of players hoping for a timely release of the next TES installment, it doesn’t look like Bethesda is hurrying in any way to provide us with the Skyrim sequel.

Bethesda have recently announced a little bit of their upcoming plans and priorities, and according to them, it’s not really a good time for a TES 6 release because they are still looking into improving Skyrim. A  remastered edition had been announced around the same time, which would see Skyrim’s visuals updated to be up to par with the current generation games. Also, the teaser for Nintendo’s Switch console also featured Skyrim gameplay, meaning that at least from a market status point of view, the game is still relevant.

Bethesda is also currently working on Fallout 4 VR, an enhanced version of their popular Fallout 4 game which will be played with a virtual reality headset. The game will be playable in its entirety in VR and players will be able to explore the vast Wastelands as if they were really there. It’s an ambitious project and the developer stated that the main goal is quality, not being interested in getting it out super fast or selling a lot of copies.

As Bethesda seems to keep occupied with enhancing existent projects, The Elder Scrolls 6 enthusiasts will have to wait longer.