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The answer to the question of this article’s title is NO, but there are some aspects of Google Play that have made its way to iOS – and has been there for years. If you’re confused, here’s a brief explainer:

While you cannot download the Google Play Store on iOS devices, you can download other services such as Google Play Music and Google Play Movies & TV and Google Play Books. This sounds great and all, right? Yes, when taken at face value but while we can rejoice at one platform allowing the competition to get in, the availability of Google Play services on the iOS platform has some serious limitations.

For instance, Google Play Music was made available on iOS in 2013. While the app had almost all the features of its Android counterpart, users couldn’t download any songs at all. It’s a bit strange to offer an app that not only lets you listen to music but also purchase that music but can’t do the latter.

What’s great about the availability of the service on iOS is that Play Music users don’t need to make a separate purchase anymore if they want to use an Apple device. They can access their catalog using the app. While there hasn’t been any news regarding purchases, the Google Play Music app did add podcasts into the selection on April 2016.

Google Play Services on iOS

These are the list of services on Google Play that are available as apps for iOS devices:

  • Google Play Music – offers music recommendations based on various factors such as activity, taste and location; allows storage and streaming for 50,000 songs.
  • Google Play Books – allows users to sync with their library on Google Play as well as sync the page position; does not allow purchases on the app but one can be made by using a browser and logging into the Play Store with your Google account.

  • Google Play Movies & TV – lets you watch movies and TV shows purchased with Google Play on iOS devices; purchases should be made with a Google account and by heading over to the online Play Store.
  • Google Play Newstand – provides a way for you to get your news and magazine fix; provides personalized suggestions powered by the recommendation engine of Google

Another nice thing about making these apps available on a competing platform is that it doesn’t feel any different than when using it on an Android device. Yes, the look was made to be more iOS but the feel of it won’t make users feel like they’re interacting with a new app.

While these apps certainly have limitations on the iOS platform, Android users can rejoice in the fact that they don’t need to make separate purchases if they have two devices running different operating systems. Even though using them on an Android platform would be so much better given the convenience, there are advantages to using a Google Play service on an iOS platform.