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People sometimes fail to recognize that Adobe Flash is more than just a plugin running on PCs. In fact, it is also an essential part of other mobile devices with the said plugin built into them. Devices that are Linux-based such as Android tablets and smartphones were classified as one of them. Even Smart TVs were only another type of such devices.

Accordingly, as Adobe figured out that mobile devices and smartphones only brought more trouble than they were actually worth, the company began to cut down Flash Player support. So, Android devices are no longer supported despite the fact that older versions are still downloadable. As Adobe officially quits supporting these devices, customer support has also ceased.

Impact on Smart TVs

Smart TV users began receiving notifications to update Flash Player, when such devices began to use the same version of Flash. However, no updates were available for such devices anymore. Adobe has reportedly cut support for mobile versions of Flash, even with one of the top manufacturers of Smart TVs.

Due to security concerns, users were not allowed to mess with apps installed on the device. Thus, some of the users were able to manage the situation and made an alternative app, called Smart Flash. This works as an alternative only, so there is no guarantee that Adobe Flash will still be used in the future.

The Death of Flash Player

The influx of developers in combination with various factors into the HTML5 trend has given a type of deadline for the Adobe Flash Player. The main reason why developers and websites are getting rid of Flash is because of incompatibility issues in mobile devices.

The increasing number of mobile users in comparison to those who use PCs alone have resulted in the increase of developers who have understood the importance of creating websites capable of performing its best. So, regardless of the device, users who will be able to face notifications or warnings to update or install their Flash Player should move to websites that provide HTML5 services.

This is due to a reason that it is a lot easier to embed any media format in HTML5 for your website. Therefore, it will only be a matter of time until developers and companies around the world will spend a number of minutes to let go of Flash Player.