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Ubisoft has done a server maintenance for its Tom Clancy’s: The Division game. It is good to know that this maintenance was announced on the official forums of the game and during the downtime, some bugs were expected to be fixed.

In concordance with PlayStationLifeStyle, the maintenance has started yesterday at 12:30 AM PST (3:30AM EST). It lasted for about 3 hours and apart from the expected fixes, it also cleaned the game’s official servers.

One of the bugs that have been fixed is where Larae Barret remained unmovable on the Lexington Event Center’s balcony. At the same time, Barret’s high-end armor talent bug has been resolved. The developers claim that the mentioned talent should work without any issues now.

The Colonel Bliss’ holster drop has been fixed after many players have reported that they didn’t get it during the “General Assembly” mission. If you are one of those players that have experienced a black screen once the cut-scene in Brooklyn was viewed, then you should know that this problem has also been fixed.

The high-end items in the game that are below the level 30 have now been automatically leveled up to level 30 (max level). In other words, if a player will be able to purchased an item that’s below the mentioned level, the level of the item will remain the same and the players will NOT be able to use it until (s)he reaches the maximum level.

If you had a high-end item on a character that didn’t have max level, the item has been removed and it was replaced with a basic starter gear.

You will also notice that the Stick Bomb PvP has been changed. First of all, the damage modifier has decreased in order to limit the possible potency of a skill, especially when used to other players. However, you will still be able to one shot players with a Sticky Bomb, but you will need to have a highly specialized character.