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Recently, Sony held their yearly PlayStation Experience even, which is used to highlight games that aren’t big enough to make it to a major gaming event. The PS Experience was first held back in 2014 and ever since people have been attending to see the latest news about upcoming PS releases.

It’s a great place to be especially if you own a PS Vita or you like smaller games. One of the announcements that pleased the crowd was the less mainstream title Garou- Mark of the Wolf.

The even announced the preparation of some iconic titles from the PS1 being remade for the PS4, namely the Crash Bandicoot series, Locoroco or Patapon. Sony also announced a new Uncharted game called The Lost Legacy, which will supposedly follow Chloe Frazer, character present in Uncharted 4 as well.

Small games wasn’t all the attendees got at the event. The lucky PS enthusiasts that were present at the PS Experience also got a first look at the trailer for The Last of US Part 2. The immense popularity of the original game was bound to lead up to a sequel. The PS exclusive franchise is now preparing for a second installment and the trailer was deemed satisfying by players.

The second game finds Ellie taking the reins as the lead character, five years after the events of the first title. The game is apparently still in very early development, meaning that eager The Last of US fans won’t get their hands on it until 2018 (in a positive scenario) but at least we now have a trailer and confirmation that the game is in the works and it’s just a matter of time before Joel and Ellie make a return.