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Those looking for a new NVIDIA graphics card might catch a lucky break as the manufacturer is rumored to be looking at improving their GTX 1060 line. The upgrade in question takes the current NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card and implements the GP104 GPUs. This move isn’t completely random, as NVIDIA can avoid a lot of unnecessary waste.

The GP104 GPUs were deemed incapable to operate within the perimeters of the higher ranked GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 card series.

Once used within the GTX 1060, the chip would be known as GP104-140, with the addition of “140” at the end. Some tweaks will be implemented so that the cards can function accordingly. The GTX 1060 uses 9 SM units to run. This wasn’t any problem with the GP106 GPU. With the GP104 model however, NVIDIA has stacked no less than 20 SM units meaning that they now have to turn off 11 of them so the unit can run on the GTX 1060.

Speaking of chip units, the GP107 is also getting some spotlight as it will be featured in the GTRX 1050 graphics cards which NVIDIA is preparing to implement into notebooks. The company is looking to make the move from PCs and bring the affordable, budget friendly GTX 1050 cards to the notebook environment.

There are still rumors debating whether or not the GTX 1050 Ti model will also be featured, but it remains unconfirmed for the time being.

The new cards will replace the GTX 950 M and 960 M card models which were the notebook graphics solutions provided by NVIDIA up until this point. The GTX 1050 cards will be allegedly paired with 7th generation Kaby Lake processors from Intel.

Those interested about the new notebook upgrades prepared by NVIDIA should keep an eye out for CES 2017. The event will feature more announcements and information regarding the change.