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Publisher Electronic Arts has released The Sims 4’s latest patch notes, which revealed that the game has received new items, bug fixes and improvements. Moreover, on December 6 is expected to be released the “Vintage Glamour Stuff” pack, which will focus on the golden age of Hollywood.

First, let’s talk about the additions to the “Holiday Celebration Pack”, which include new objects: a centerpiece, a fireplace, a nutcracker and a holiday table. Players should be prepared to get a “fun little object called the Holiday Cracker”, but Electronic Arts hasn’t revealed what it will contain, as it didn’t want to spoil the surprise.

The publisher has mentioned that the game had some issues that had to be fixed, which made the residential lot to become a generic lot when it was placed The Gallery, and when a song was previewed in the options panel, the memory usage was increasing.

Also, now the maid will clean dirty coffee makers, Sims will sit down during the marriage ceremony and family oriented Sims who interacted with a baby in the family will no longer get the Missing Family buff.

From now on, when there will be other nearby seats available, Sims will switch seats less, and they will no longer stand up and sit down when they’ll turn on the television, and when a Sim will order drinks for the group, the bartender will no longer give only one drink that costs a group rate. There are many other bugs that have been fixed and you can check the full list here.

Secondly, the “The Vintage Glamor Stuff” pack is expected to arrive tomorrow, December 6 and it will include items, decorations and fashion themes related to the golden age of Hollywood. Players will receive a vanity table, the 16th Century Monte Vista Globe Bar and they will be able to hire a Butler that will take over tasks.