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The new update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition has already arrived for Windows and Android on October 21. Meanwhile, the update for iOS devices was released on October 25. There were some anticipated features that the franchise was able to include in the update. Such were the Wither, various types of slash commands, and all types of Prismarine blocks and items.

The Alpha 0.16.0 was the first of the Boss Update released. This update was dubbed as one of the biggest patches that have been added to a mobile version. Thus, it should be worth the wait to see what Mojang has been cooking for its next trick, Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.17.0.

Since the release of the latest 0.16.0 update, there were no clues or teasers yet for its next release date. Of course, the said update was only released recently. However, it doesn’t mean that players are limited with the current release.

Rumors say that the developers are still making patches for the 0.16.2 on Android and iOS devices. This means that it will still be a while before the new pieces of information will be on for the 0.17.0 version.

For the moment, it should be worthwhile to see the latest 0.16.0 update with some general features up its sleeves.

  • Able to customize keyboard controllers
  • Provides new settings bar for iOS and Android
  • Provides search tab to the Windows 10 creative memory
  • Adds more sensitivity on the mouse user interface in its virtual reality options
  • Provides new user interface on its Options menu
  • Provides new UI for the creation and editing of the servers menu
  • Offers new user interface for its World Option menu
  • Allows import of Add-ons, World, and Resource Pack
  • Allows admin users to add some moderators in the respective Realms
  • Adds the creation of resource packs that might be installed by world, which should be similar to the PC Edition.
  • Adds user modified behavior packs that should work depending on the version.

With these new features in the Minecraft: Pocket Edition, players should have a very good reason to look forward to its next update.

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