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The Ender Update is something console players have already been able to enjoy. The worldwide popular building game has released its Ender Update some time ago for consoles, and has recently made it available for PC users as well.

However, there is still a platform that didn’t receive the update, until now at least. An entry posted in a developer blog pertaining to the game’s developer, Mojang, players are informed that the Pocket Edition will be receiving the Ender Update in the near future.

While Minecraft doesn’t have an ending per se, the new update will bring a pseudo ending which will have players face a dragon. The concept of this update which is like a mini expansion title revolves around traveling to another dimension.

Here, players are greeted by new, rather obscure scenery and a brand new set of mobs. Not only will there be new thing to kill, but also new things to collect. Crafting materials get a bump as well, with the addition of some Ender themed elements. Players also get access to a new set of potions which can be used to achieve different effects, and can be crafted using some of the new materials.

One of the more interesting crafting reagents added to the game is Dragon’s Breath, which can be harvested directly from the dragon.

All in all, it seems like the Ender Update will keep mobile players busy for a while, with a lot of new features being on their way to Android devices. While there is no word of a new update of similar size, it’s great to see that Microsoft is working to get all the Minecraft versions up to speed on the various platforms, so the amount of content available for each platform is relatively equal.