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Mojang is known to always keep the PC edition of Minecraft up to date and leave console players waiting thus leading to console players feeling like they are left out. Console players have been asking Mojang to roll out a new update for a while now and it seems like Mojang finally listened and will deliver the biggest Minecraft: Console Edition update yet.

This was confirmed by the developers themselves in an official blog post where they showcased End Cities, Lingering Potions, Elytra and Amplified terrain, which is a tool that was previously only a PC exclusive. Minecraft fans can expect the update to be rolled out in late December, during the Christmas holidays.

Worth noting is that the big December update will be free for the compatible consoles: Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, PS3 and PS4. This will definitely put the console edition of Minecraft up to par with the PC one.

What’s interesting is that the developer isn’t releasing any additional information rather than End Cities, Elytra, Lingering Potions and Elytra. This might mean that Mojang might include some new features in the December update as a Christmas surprise, like the Combat Update.

If they do decide to add the Combat Update, the game will change and be something entirely new. The Combat Update is already available for the PC edition and it allows players to use two hands, equip shields and dual wield among others features.

It looks like Mojang is finally listening to their players’ feedback and giving them what they want. This is a step in the right direction from them because console player have something new to do in the game, and they will not lose interest over the game anymore. Especially since players can now defeat the Ender Dragon and equip the Elytra, which will allow them to fly.