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It looks like Android users should be weary when downloading a free app since fifty percent of the time the app will not post its privacy policies. This is a strong statement, but a study done by the Carnegie Mellon University proved that over half of the free apps listed on Google’s Play Store don’t have privacy policies.

Taking in consideration that there are around 18,000 free apps available on the Play Store, over 9,000 of them are violating privacy policies.

The Carnegie Mellon University study contained a bunch of interesting information but what stood out the most is that free apps are likely to gather personal information without notifying the user and more interesting is that apps share the user’s information with others.

Completely illegal, there are many state laws and federal laws that obligate the app developers to inform its users whenever their information is being collected or shared. Google’s policy actually states that apps which collect user information should have privacy policy to inform users.

This is an important matter and Google needs to make sure that app developers stop gathering identifiable user information without announcing the user first. Even if Google has a privacy policy and they inform the developers to not do these types of stuff, app developers still do. This is completely inadmissible and Google needs to step up their game and forcefully oblige app developers to either state their privacy policies or to entirely stop their activity on the Play Store.

Right now all we can do is to wait for Google to take matters into their own hands, but until then Android users should pay attention to what they are downloading. This might not seem such an important matter, but it actually is mainly because none knows with whom are these apps sharing user identification information.