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Google Pixel is Google’s latest Android running flagship device. The handset sits atop of the smartphone market, being largely considered as one of the best devices released this year. However, someone that wants to buy a new handset might wonder what exactly is it about the Pixel that makes people want this Google product.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the key features that make up for the Pixel’s appeal, while comparing the device to an industry standard of quality, the iPhone from Apple. To be more specific, we’re going to look at the Pixel XL.

Weighing only 168 grams, the Pixel XL is most certainly a light device to hold in your hand. Compared to an iPhone, the Google device feels easier to handle but without compromising in another department.

In terms of display, we are dealing with one of the sweetest setups, specifically an AMOLED powered screen that can reach a max resolution of 1440p. For comparison, Apple’s latest iPhone variant can reach 1080p resolution. The colors on the Pixel are rich and pictures have a warmth to them thanks to that. When compared to the iPhone, there are no differences in screen size, but the Pixel has a higher screen-to-body ratio which permits Google to make the device smaller and easier to maneuver without compromising screen size.

Another great feature is the phone’s charging speeds. Thanks to the use of the USB-C port, Google Pixel is able to charge up to full in no time, leaving its competitors behind. Without taking anything away from the iPhone 7 Plus, by the time Apple’s flagship is fully charged you could probably get another half charge on the Pixel.

Not only can the Pixel charge up fast, but it will also take longer for its battery to deplete. This is a direct effect of the Android operating system. The Google Pixel has replaced the Nexus line of phones which run pure Android. This means it will always get the latest updates first, and also that applications designed for Android will have an easier time functioning on the device since there is no third party risk of hindrance.

There are a lot of other features that make Pixel the great device that it is, but this are a few of the treats users will benefit from if they decide to go with Google’s latest flagship.