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Clash of Clans is the most downloaded game ever and this only because Supercell, the creator of the game, keeps on constantly releasing major updates to keep its players entertained. Supercell has teased the upcoming December update for a while now, and we know that the game will get a lot more interesting because of the addition of new characters and game content, but what no one expected is virtual reality content.

Supercell first released a VR trailer for the game one month ago that presented the game through the perspective of a Hog Rider and now it looks like another 360 degree game trailer was released and this players can experience what raiding looks like.

December Update

The update will bring many new features to the game especially to the sea levels. The game developers claimed that they will bring new sea characters such as large sea monsters, mermaids and pirates. Shipwrecks will also be added in the game and players will have the option to repair them in order to receive a reward of 50,000gold for every Shipwreck repaired.

Supercell knows that players have been asking for balance changes and the new update will surely include that. Certain towers and characters will have their HP, Attack and speed stats changed so that they stop being overpowered. The update will surely make the game feel fresher and give players some new characters that they can try.

Virtual Reality

Even if the VR content is expected to come with the December update, VR features will be more than likely added during January or February 2017. Supercell stated that they are thinking on how to implement VR content without changing the game completely and they might need time before they can figure that out.