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For weeks it has been speculated that Supercell will release the December 2016 update on December 6, after the Product RED Event. It’s not sure if this patch will include the VR feature, but without a doubt, it will introduce a new feature called”, which will allow players to earn money from repairing ships.

This year, Apple turned RED for the tenth time and it offered customers the chance to join in mission to create an AIDS-free generation. There were reports according to which Supercell has introduced a Barbarian King statue decorated with red markings, as Clash of Clans players started seeing it in some villages.

These hints suggested that the Red Barbarian King will be officially included in the December 2016 Update and it’s the right time to make its appearance after Apple’s Product RED will end.

Jobs & Hire has reported that the new feature Shipwreck will be unlocked at Town Hall 4, being a water-based base where players will repair ships for 50,000 gold.

Meanwhile, the feature was confirmed and now players are even more impatient regarding the release of the December 2016 update, as they will be able to earn a lot of money from repairing ships. The same publication also claims that Clash of Clans will soon receive a VR feature, which will boost the game’s popularity, and maybe it will dethrone Pokemon Go, which already runs on an augmented-reality platform.

The December 2016 Update is also expected to bring a wizard-vs-goblin feature, sea creatures such as mermaids, as well as submarines, underwater missiles and even pirates. Supercell hasn’t confirmed the rumors about the December Event, but the company has announced that in December, it will start airing full episodes of Clash-A-Rama, which is an animated series that features characters from both CoC and Clash Royal.

Players were worried that December 2016 update will be delayed until January 2017 because there were reports which suggest that Supercell has encountered difficulties in incorporating certain features to Clash of Clans.