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Needless to say, Flash was indeed a major role player in many video, animation, and gaming platforms. However, the advent of HTML5 has caused big changes in video and gaming experience for many users.

Advancements in technology and browser capabilities led to some changes, which will cause Flash to be abandoned by the trend. In fact, many browsers have no longer supported Flash content, including some major websites like YouTube.

For this reason, users were concerned that they will no longer be able to watch videos from YouTube because of this update. However, there is a simple solution even if YouTube no longer supports Flash content. There are two simple ways to be able to watch videos from YouTube even without Flash Player.

You Can Opt for an HTML5 YouTube Player

Simply go to the link after you have logged on to your account. By doing this, it will be possible to play YouTube videos without Flash Player because you are using the HTML5 player instead. However, this will require you to use browsers that are supportive of video tags in HTML5 and h.264 video codec or WebM format consisting of VP8 codec.

Browsers that should work with this method include:

  • Google Chrome
  • Opera 10.6 or later
  • Firefox 4 or later
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 with installed Google Chrome Frame

Using Temporary Solution

You can simply add this string of characters &html5=True to the URL of the current video. Accordingly, you will be able to watch YouTube video even without Flash player. This will also be possible if you are using Safari on certain iOS devices such as the iPad, iPhone, iPod, as it can be used as alternative to the application.

Take note that YouTube has developed so much and it is now ready to replace the Flash Player in December. According to Adobe, it will stop developing its mobile plugin for Flash, as they are going to focus more on HTML5 tools development. Thus, it is should be the time of the HTML5 to take center stage, which begins in January 2017.

Current users of Flash Player shouldn’t get worried about this update. This is due to the fact that no actions is required on your part. The only thing that you are going to do is to get ready for the upcoming HTML5 to provide better multimedia experience. You will be able to know if your browser is already playing HTML5 content by simply right-clicking on the player and see to it if there are information about HTML5. If you can’t see any of that, then you haven’t updated your Flash Player to HTML5 yet. This means that your browser still supports the old platform. But, you should be aware that it will no longer be supported soon.

It is important to note that website designers or content providers need to develop their own site that will support HTML5. For this reason, it is essential to provide HTML5 compatible multimedia content that should cater to the needs of the users.

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