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Radeon RX 490 is a graphics card that many have been waiting for a long time coming. Although there aren’t any official announcements or any word from the AMD officials on the matter, an unidentified graphics card is now the talk of the town on Ashes of the Singularity, which is a platform used to benchmark graphics cards.

This is the platform where AMD has tested its other GPU’s pertaining to the Radeon RX series, which further fueled the rumor that this particular entry might be the card everyone’s waiting for.

The nameless card’s manufacturers might have put emphasis on DirectX 12 and Asynchronous Compute since those are among the reasons why AMG chose Ashes of the Singularity as a testing platform, due to its compatibility and usage of those features.

The entry has been deleted in the meantime, shortly after it was spotted. This indicates that whoever displayed the results might have done it by mistake or wasn’t authorized to do it. Regardless of the reasoning behind its upload and then removal, the card registered a total score of 8400, which is not bad at all. It’s quite good actually, as it boosts the card among the top available models, rivalring the likes of the GeForce GTX 1080.

This led some to speculate about the mystery card’s architecture, and some have pointed towards the Vega architecture found in new AMD models. Further down the road, people are wondering whether it has a single GPU or a dual GPU setup onboard. The former solution would be more in tone with the possibility of it using Vega architecture.

As mentioned before, these are all speculations. No official word from AMD means that the community can only try and guess what the benchmark entry was all about, with more information remaining to be learned once we get an release date for the Radeon RX 490.