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While Motorola has had quite a rocky ride in the past few years, switching management and having trouble staying relevant in the high end sector of the smartphone market, it still remains a brand that gains the attention of the industry when it releases a new device.

In this article, we’re going to look at the newest Motorola handset, the Moto M, and pit it against a Samsung handset, namely the J7 Prime. By the end of the comparison, we should have a pretty good idea where the two stand.

Design and Display

Motorola’s Moto M features a metal casing which enhances its premium build allure. Its thin profile allows it to be easily transported and not a burden for your pockets. In contrast, Samsung packs its device with a plastic casing that is just a bit thicker than the Moto.

The Motorola device features a Super AMOLED display measuring 5.5 inches. The 1080p configuration manages to stand up to the J7 Prime screen which responds with the same screen specs, aside from the fact that it uses TFT technology instead of Super AMOLED.


If you’re looking for the device that can whip out the best looking pictures, you might want to take a closer look at the Motorola Moto M. The device has the same front camera configuration as the J7 Prime, specifically 8 MP, but features a better rear shooter that packs 16 MP as opposed to the 13 MP lens on the Samsung device.


The Moto M assigns its processing duties to the Helio P15 processing unit, while storage is covered by the 32 GB of included memory. There are also 4 GB of RAM featured on the handset, which keep it relevant for today’s RAM requirements. The internal storage capacity can be boosted with the help of a microSD card.

On the other hand we have an eight core processing chip in the form of the Exynos 7870. The chip is paired with up to 32 GB of free storage space and benefits from only 3 GB of RAM, which means that the Moto M is better equipped to take on current applications.

The Moto M loses when it comes to battery capacity however, with its generous 3000 mAH unit still falls behind, due to the 3300 mAH battery found in the J7 Prime.

Not only does the Motorola handset outrun the Samsung product at pretty much every turn, but also looks better doing so with its stylish metal design leaving a great first impression.