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In one of the recent Clash of Clans updates, most of the items in the Halloween update are not present, with the drag-and-drop issues already fixed. This had something to do with the features being broken in the army training window. Although this issue made way for training with only fewer resources, players had trouble with implementing strategies when attacking and managing the troops. The good thing is, with the 8.551.24 patch, these bugs were fixed.

Now, fans and players are now waiting for the December update since this is expected to compete with, if not out do, Pokemon Go, its closest rival in the gaming world.

Pokemon Go was on top of Google’s list as the best game for 2016 and it was only released months ago. Clash of Clans, on the other hand, was launched in 2012 and became a hit among gamers. Up to this time, however, the release date has yet to be confirmed. In fact, some say that there has been a delay and it might be possible for a 2017 release. But then again, these are all speculations since Supercell is not talking and no additional information has come out.

Critics say Supercell should end these rumors with an announcement so fans will not end up in frustration and be left hanging. If indeed, it will be released in January, this update will surely be given a warm welcome.

In the middle of the uncertainty on the exact update, some are speculating on the possibility of Supercell already developing the sequel to the game. While the title of the second installment of COC may or may not be Clash of the Clans 2, this is what others are saying.

With the success of COC since it was first introduced in the gaming world, the hype it created and the enthusiasm of fans and gamers, it is not impossible for the developers to include a sequel as a part of their long-term plans.

Some even say that this might be the reason for the delay of the Clash of Clans December update. Their inquisitive minds are thinking that a Clash of Clans 2 should be out anytime soon, given that four years have already elapsed.

Meanwhile, some sources have detailed the leaks about the update inclusions. These include new characters, new battles, the rumored Virtual Reality support and the alleged changing of the color of the King’s Tower into red as a support to World Aid’s Day.

Other features mentioned include one which will give players more flexibility in their attacks, with regards to Air Defense, the mining of gems for a month for free. Another improvement is the ability of the players to fix damaged shipwrecks and be given a 50,000 reward for every structure rebuilt.

As for Clash of Clans 2, there should be a better plot for the sequel and a unique one to maintain its popularity among gamers. While there should be a connection between the first and two installments, COC 2 should offer something else.

In the meantime, fans just have to make the most of the COC December update features while waiting for the 2nd installment of this popular game.