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The GeForce GTX TITAN X is an ultimate graphics card, combining the latest technologies and performance of the NVIDIA Maxwell architecture. This graphics card is known to be the fastest and most advanced type of its kind.

Basically, Maxwell is the next generation architecture of NVIDIA. It was made for the CUDA compute applications. Maxwell aims to improve the energy efficiency in graphics technology so it has introduced a new design for its Streaming Multiprocessor.

This product improves the control logic partitioning, clock-gating granularity, workload balancing, and compiler-based scheduling, instructions per clock cycle, and other enhancements that allows it to be as energy efficient as ever.

Take note that Maxwell has extended and retained the same programming model of the CUDA, like the previous architecture set by NVIDIA, including Kepler and Fermi. Applications that follow the best practices for such architectures are going to experience speedier results without even changing any of the codes.

NVIDIA TITAN X is a second generation Maxwell graphics card. Here are specs of the NVIDIA TITAN X that should help you when deciding to buy a graphics card for your mean machines.

Memory Specifications

  • Memory Speed is at 10Gbps
  • Standard memory configuration of 12GB DDR5X
  • It also has a memory interface with 384-bit width
  • Its memory bandwidth reaches 480Gbps

Technology Support

  • It allows simultaneous multi-projection
  • It is also VR ready
  • It is also G-SYNC, GameStream, and SLI-ready
  • NVIDIA GPU Boost is also at 3.0
  • It supports Microsoft DirectX 12 API with feature level 12.1
  • It likewise supports Vulkan API, Bus Support, OpenGL, and OS certification

Display Support

  • It has a maximum digital resolution of 7680x4320p
  • It also supports multi-monitors

Graphics Card Dimensions

  • H x L x W = 4.376” x 10.5” x 2-slots

Thermal and Power Specs

  • Offers a maximum GPU temperature of 94degrees Celcius
  • Its graphics card power reaches 250W
  • Its recommended system power is at 600W
  • It also supports supplementary power connectors (1 6-pin connector and 1 8-pin connector)

According to NVIDIA, the TITAN X is the largest GPU that was ever built, based on their new Pascal GPU architecture. In fact, it has 3,584 CUDA cores, which is indeed record-breaking.

In comparison to the GTX 1080, the TITAN X has a 50% increase on its peak bandwidth, which is due to the 384-bit memory controller. Likewise, it has a 40% increase in its texture units/shaders per SM. With 12GB of memory capacity, it is twice the amount being incorporated on the GTX 1080.

However, the TITAN X has given away some clock speed to GTX 1080, which enables the cores to run slower on the more costly model. Nevertheless, with more width on the TITAN X, it will ensure improved performance on a significant level. At the same time, it will ensure killer performance at a resolution of 4K.

If you are going to purchase top-of-the-line GPU, you should get the best on the market. Perhaps the TITAN X featured in this article will give you an idea on top of the graphics processors that you already know about.