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The latest reports show that the next update of the Minecraft: Console Edition will be on December. This is dubbed as the biggest console update in franchise history. In fact, this version will be as good as its PC edition.

This next update is expected to bring Elytra, which will provide players the ability to be catapulted during the game. Accordingly, it will allow them to glide in the game. Aside from this major addition, the new update will also feature the Dragon’s Breath potion ingredients, End Cities, and Amplified Terrain, among others.

Sources say that this new release will be provided for PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and Wii U. The latest update, which is also dubbed as the Holiday Update, will come with some user interface bug fixes, mobs, items, new blocks, and status effects.

Part of the game’s new features is the Elytra Wings Set. However, this will only be located at The End in the game’s third and final dimension. This will also be included in the console update. Despite the fact that Mojang has not given much information about the update just yet, the company might release some tips in the coming days.

The console update for Minecraft will finally have the coveted features, which the PC edition has already acquired long ago. In fact, the Amplified mode has been a resource-intensive feature on the PC edition. This should be a very interesting feature to watch out for, which will come to the console edition.

Mojang has already given the details of the holiday update. However, other new features were not made clear yet. For sure, one part of the Combat Update was not confirmed yet for consoles, such as the actual updates for combat. Basically, the Combat Update has changed the combat system of the game dramatically. Thus, it has added shields, making changes, and giving players not one but two hands.

The new holiday update for Minecraft will push through in December for many console devices. Such devices will include the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and the Wii U.

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