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GTA 5 has been a very successful game, selling millions of copies and bringing huge profits to Rockstar Games, but what’s surprising is that GTA 5 Online is benefiting from the same success.

Rockstar noticed the success and they keep on releasing constant updates that include features and balance changes for the multiplayer version of GTA, in order to keep players entertained. The latest update to hit GTA Online is the Thanksgiving update and it included a bunch of new bonuses so that players can earn more in-game dollars and RP.


The game is filled with different modes where players can have fun and at the same time earn points. The latest update gives players the opportunity to earn double the usual amount of GTA dollars and RP they would earn. The addition of these bonuses is a great move from Rockstar Games, since it gives players the opportunity to have fun and enjoy the bonuses the same time.


This week’s premium race is the Turbine mode. The reason this race is called premium is because it rewards all players with triple RP points and the winner of the race gets additional GTA dollars alongside the triple RP points.

Kill Quota

This game mode supports up to 16 players that will be placed in four teams, and they can start shooting each other similar to the Half Life: Counter Strike game. The game starts off easy but progressively it gets harder and harder.

The players will be able to start up the game with a bunch of powerful weapons, but as the game’s rounds progress the weapons start disappearing and in the end players will find themselves fighting with their fists. Kill Quota is a great addition to the game, and it’s surely going to have players shooting each other all day long.