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EA is taking advantage of the Black Friday period and is releasing a bunch of new Ultimate Team packs for FIFA 17. The packages will be available until November ends and customers should hurry up if they intend to buy any of the packs because November is coming to an end quite fast.

The Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 17 gives the player the ability to create his dream team and puts at his disposition hundred of top players from where he can choose from and compete online against other Ultimate Teams. the only downside is that the player has to buy card packs in order to receive the players he wants.

To make the mode more appealing towards players, EA has put out special packages like The Lighting Rounds, Squad Billing and Happy Hours in which the player has higher chances of obtaining a rare player card such as C. Ronaldo or Messi.

Players can also buy the Rare Gold Pack Package which includes twelve gold cards and twelve rare letters. This package is limited to only ten purchases and one purchase costs 15,000 coins or 300 FIFA Points.

The Jumbo Premium package is available also and it includes 24 cards combined from twenty gold cards and four silver ones. The Jumbo Premium package also includes consumables and it’s worth the same price as the Rare Gold Package, meaning 15,000 coins and 300 FIFA Points.

This is a marketing move from EA to make the Ultimate Team mode more appealing to players and to bring back players who think that acquiring player cards is expensive. This promo might also appeal to other soccer fans that don’t already own the game.