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Bethesda has finally released its latest Update for Fallout 4, which should be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In fact, it is a live update for all platforms. So, players will expect full support for PS4 mods.

Here are the popular fixes that have been addressed by the latest Fallout 4 1.8 update.

  • Provides general performance improvements and optimizations.
  • It provides fixes for issues, including sound effects that wouldn’t persist after an area has been loaded.
  • It has resolved a certain crash that was occasional upon making an exit to the Main Menu and trying to restart a New Game.
  • It has also fixed an issue regarding spaces in search engine queries while in Mod.
  • It is now possible to rate Work in Progress Mods, once downloaded.

  • While in the Mods menu, it will provide more titles available for browsing.
  • The update has fixed a rare type of crash occurring when a particular Mod had a data structure that is unexpected.
  • This current update has fixed an issue in terms of Favorite and Library Mods categories wherein they won’t display correctly in some circumstances.
  • Scrolling quickly would get the Mod images to get tangled up and would not load, but the current update fixed it all.
  • Audio was cut off when a sentry bot was firing dual Gatling lasers, but it was fixed with this update.

It is a first for Sony to allow Bethesda to launch PS4. This should have been done a long time ago because owners of Xbox One have enjoyed Mod versions for some time now. However, the moment when Sony finally agreed to allow a mod version of Fallout 4 on their console, the company didn’t allow players to be using third-party apps for creating mods.

For this reason, problems arise since mods are created on a Windows PC, so using a controller to create mods will not make it easier compared to what it is already. Therefore, Bethesda was able to update Fallout 4 1.8 to address the matter. Accordingly, it has included a Creation Kit, which will give players the ability to create game mods on their own.

Despite no pre-installed mods are included in the Fallout 4 1.8 update, Bethesda has made it easier for players to look for PS4 compatible mods. This can be done as the company has listed 100 compatible mods for the PlayStation 4 on their official site.

Thus, players can easily download these mods and install them. A number of popular mods given out by Bethesda include the Developer Room, Firelance mod, and the Portable Nuka Jetpack.

Although it has been more difficult to create mods due to the strict policy of Sony not to allow third-party mods, the potential for having better options is at hand as the gaming community of Fallout 4 is really huge. Therefore, there will still be a few great mods that will be shared to the public sooner or later. For those who want to check out the complete list of mods can visit the official website of Bethesda.