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A Samsung mobile device that doesn’t have an instant messaging app should be a rare experience. In fact, many Samsung device users look forward to have an IM app to connect with friends and family over the Web.

One of the most popular messaging app is WhatsApp. If you don’t know how to get this app to your Samsung device, then you have come to the right place for help.

Most of the Samsung devices that may have difficulty installing from the Play Store include the Galaxy, Galaxy S, Champ, C3322, and the Star. So, here are a few tricks that you can mimic yourself.

  • Download the APK file. If you haven’t downloaded the app for your own device, you can get it at the official page of WhatsApp. You can download it from your PC then click the Download Now button.
  • Copy or move the APK file to Your Phone. If you have downloaded the file from your PC, you need to move it to your device and install it from there. Use a USB cord to connect your smartphone to your PC. Then, you can simply copy paste the file to the memory of the smartphone.

If you don’t have a connector, you can just email the file to yourself. Just make sure that you open your email from the phone and begin downloading the file from your email.

Having the Bluetooth enabled from your device can also be used to send a file from your PC to your Samsung smartphone.

  • Try to check the Downloads folder in your device and look for the WhatsApp.apk file. You will notice that the installation process will proceed only when you allow files from unknown sources. Simply go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and tap the box beside it.

When you download WhatsApp or any file from unknown sources, just make sure to disable this option after you have installed the APK.