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Using cloud storage services is the new way of saving money. The cloud service is great especially for big companies that send and store large amount of files, but users need to be careful when they choose a cloud service because all providers have different monthly fees.

The charge rate is influenced by a lot of factors such as storage, networking and computing power so users need to pay attention to those details before choosing a cloud service. The most important thing users need to pay attention to is discounts, because all providers offer up different discounts.

Right now we will go over the top three cloud service providers in the world and the discounts they provide.

Google Cloud

This is the most popular cloud service in the world right now, and the company approaches discounts is by using its sustained usage discounts (SUD). The SUD collects the user’s data and automatically gives discounts on each monthly fee. The discounts given are based around the amount of data the user consumes regularly.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s Azure gives out discounts starting from 15 percent and going up to 45 percent. The discounts are influenced by the Enterprise Agreement (EA), and this agreement will be made whenever the user signups for the service and the discount is altered by the packet level the user chooses.


Amazon uses a more advanced discount system that’s called Reserved Instances (RIs). The way this system works is that it takes in consideration coupons and different instance factors such as the user’s operating system, region and internet power. Amazon offers up discounts in exchange for big contracts, for example if the users opts for a three year contract, Amazon will give out a higher discount that can go as high as 75 percent.