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2016 hasn’t been a particularly good year for Samsung. Although they released a set of smartphones that delighted the public, their year was soon marred by exploding devices.

Specifically, the Note 7 has been declared a public hazard and has been banned from flights. But not all is lost though as the company is trudging on and even releasing a Galaxy 8 in 2017.

Explosions aside, there is still the issue of which Samsung devices will be getting the latest Android mobile operating system. Nougat – or Android 7.0 – was released on August 2016 but no Samsung device has received the latest OS yet. This isn’t bad news at all given that Samsung really does take some time with new software before rolling them out.

The biggest indication that an update is coming soon is the roll out of a beta test program by Samsung in November. The program was open to Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge users in the UK, the US and South Korea. Although no announcement about a final release was made, the test program is scheduled to run until the middle of December.

How can we be sure that Nougat is coming before 2016 ends for the S7 and S7 Edge? GFXBench unveiled an S6 that was running on Nougat just recently and there was news that an update was underway for Note 5 and the Tab S2.

Every time a new version of Android is released, there’s this immediate wondering of when a specific device is getting the update. While some makers such as Motorola and LG are pretty quick with rolling out a new OS to their users, Samsung and others take quite some time.

Then again, there’s evidence pointing to a possible release before the year ends. Otherwise, Samsung users just have to wait until 2017.