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Amazon Prime is officially going to be available worldwide now that Amazon decided to launch the streaming service in Canada as well. Other big streaming companies such as Netflix and Bell’s CraveTV will finally receive some serious competition in Canada. The media president at Bell, Ann Turcke said in an interview that they will release Amazon Prime for Canadian users in just two days.

Amazon Prime

The streaming service is considered as Netflix’s biggest rival because it provides users with thousands of movies and TV shows that can be streamed using the platform. What makes Amazon Prime stand out is the fact that it took inspiration from Netflix and started producing TV shows, and they are doing a great job of that with great shows like the Emmy winning show Transparent and the Grand Tour.

The service charges users a monthly fee of only $8.99, but users can also opt for the $99 annual membership, which also includes free shipping while using Amazon.

Amazon Prime is very popular and statistics are showing that the streaming service is bringing in huge profits because of its huge user base of over 63 million, worth mentioning is that those statistics represent only the second quarter of 2016 and only the U.S. resident users. As a response to that statistic, Netflix reported that they have around 86 million users worldwide, 5.2 millions of those users being Canadian residents.

It’s not that hard to believe that these streaming services are taking over the world and their user base keeps on increasing every day because both Amazon and Netflix are way better than traditional cable TV providers.

One more major advantage streaming service provide to users is that they do not require any contracts, only a subscription the same way subscribing to a mobile app works.

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