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It seems that Adobe’s player is less and less popular, as many companies have decided to stop using it on their applications or websites. We remind you that in spite of having so many security issues in the past, Adobe Flash Player was still used by many people. However, thanks to the new HTML5, it seems that companies are now trying to slowly ditch the Adobe Flash Player.

It seems that starting from now on, Chrome will block Flash Player by default. We remind you that Google has announced a few months ago that it will do this. Back then, the big search engine company has revealed that that the HTML5 will be used instead of the Adobe Flash Player.

Chrome 53 was the first version that clearly showed that Google is preparing this transition, as it started to block the page analytics and other elements that were built in Flash, while Chrome version 54 has introduced an option that transitioned YouTube Flash Players to HTML5.

However, it is good to know that you will still be able to use Adobe Flash Player instead of HTML5. By accessing the Google Chrome version 55 option, you will be able to enable and allow Flash Player to run on websites.

At the same time, Google is now giving users an easy way to deal with websites where HTML5 is not yet available, as the browser will prompt them to enable the Flash player whenever is needed.

This feature can also be disabled by default if you don’t want Google Chrome to use the HTML5 instead of Adobe Flash Player. To do this type “about:flags” in the address bar on your Google Chrome version 55 and look for the option that says “Prefer HTML over Flash” and set it to “disabled”.

We remind you that YouTube has adopted HTML5 a while ago, while Google will no longer accept Flash ads in its AdWords program starting with January 2, 2017.