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Comtrade Digital Services is a software engineering services company that has just created an automated banking platform for Viber. The company claims that this application will allow users to carry out a range of banking transactions via a chatbot on Viber.

So, from now on, Viber users will be able to check their bank balance, send money, transfer money and access other banking services directly from the mobile messaging application. It is good to know that the recipients of Viber payments will be able to instantly retrieve the money sent to them by using a QR code at an ATM or going to their local branch.

Comtrade has mentioned that it used some awesome methodologies in order to develop the chatbot banking solution. This chatbot is able to understand what a user requests instantly and securely.

In addition, the chatbot can be integrated directly into banks’ own digital platforms. Comtrade claims that this solution also includes a client acquisition that will help the bank to attract younger customers.

It is good to know that most banks currently have their own mobile application, but they don’t come with such an innovative and instant payment option as the new chatbot for Viber. Oliver Lynch, the business development director at Comtrade Digital Services, claimed that this is the only messaging platform (via API) that can be directly integrated with banks’ existing digital banking channels.

We think that it is just a matter of time until more “bots” like these will be available on Viber and other mobile messaging applications.

However, at the same time, the hackers will most likely try to take advantage of this by trying to fool you that they are bots. We should see how secure these bots will be and if it will be worth to use them for money transactions.