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Apple’s latest iPhone didn’t generate as much enthusiasm as the company is used to, even if the sales percentages were great and any other company would have been more than happy to bring in those profits, Apple deemed that it wasn’t enough and that they need to up their game and bring innovative features to their upcoming iPhone 8.

What Apple fans complained most about was that the iPhone 7’s design resembled its predecessors way too much and also because Apple uses the same LCD display every year.

The internet is filled with rumors and reports that speculate about what new features Apple will implement on the next iPhone 8, and right now we will take a look over the most trust worthy ones.

Wireless Smartphone

Reports are showing that Apple teamed up with a bunch of tech developing companies and they are testing out wireless charging pods. If this rumor proves to be true, the iPhone 8 will be the first completely wireless smartphone and it will finally make sense why Apple removed the 3.5mm audio jack.

Design Overhaul

Because using the same design has been iPhone 7’s major problem, Apple is rumored to be implementing a new curved screen. The screen will resemble the one used by Samsung on their Galaxy S7 Edge, the only difference being is that Apple’s screen will be bent on both sides.

The upcoming iPhone 8’s front and back will be completely covered in glass and will be sustained by a metal chassis, the same way the iPhone 4 and 4S were designed. The only problem Apple has is that the company needs to find a strong glass material that will not crack at the first fall.

Different Variants

Traditionally, Apple launches their iPhones in two variants that differ mostly in storage space, but right now reports are showing that Apple wants to add a premium model.

The premium model will be slightly bigger than the other variants, think iPhone 7 Plus, and will sport a curved OLED screen, while the standard version will have the same LCD display.