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When Google has released the latest version of Gmail for Android, users have initially noticed a small change in the way quotes are handled in replies. Two weeks later, Google has published a changelog for version 6.11 and it seems that besides bug fixes, the developers have included another major change.

So, according to the changelog posted on the Google Play Store, Gmail v6.11 allows users to edit text in line or copy-paste content from the web while keeping the original text formatting. The feature that’s usually referred to as “rich copy and paste” gives users the possibility to copy text in one app, then paste it into another app, while objects will maintain their formatting.

However, this feature must be supported by both the source and destination apps.

Previously, in Gmail it was pasted text only with basic formatting such as bold, or italic and the application considered special things like images as part of the original content Now, Gmail recognizes all of the formatting copied from the original web page, keeping even the border with background colors, or the header text, so when it’s pasted into the app, it’s identical as on the original webpage.

Also, the previous version of the email service app showed html emails in replies, but when they had to be converted to a basic text version in order to be modified and all of the formatting was erased. Now, version 6.11 allows users to edit inline quoted replies.

You can download Gmail v6.11 directly from the Google Play store, or you can grab version from trusted third party sources (, but in this case you will need to enable Unknown Sources option in your device’s Settings.

The download file has a total size of 18.24MB and it’s compatible with smartphones and tablets running Android 4.0 or later.