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Sorting out email can be a tedious job, especially if you’re the kind of person that receives a lot of email. It’s even worse when all that mail you have to sort is tangled with useless marketing ploys and promotional content from various website newsletters that you have regretfully accepted to receive.

If you are in need of an easy way to better sort your email, you do not have to look further than Gmail itself.

Google offers its users the option of having up to 4 inboxes which they can label and filter according to their needs. This will permit email users to better sort out everything that’s coming through their email. Let’s take a look at how you can access this feature.

  • From your Gmail page (on which you have to be logged on, by the way), you will find a cogwheel representation of the Settings page for your Gmail account. Click the icon which can be located in the top right corner of the screen.
  • From the drop-down menu that will appear afterwards, go ahead and select Settings. This will, obviously, take you to the Settings page where we can start customizing your inbox segregation.
  • The Settings page will offer a multitude of options, including a separate tab for Inbox. Go ahead and access the Inbox tab.
  • Once on the Inbox tab, you will notice a drop-down menu right of the Inbox type category. Select Priority Inbox.
  • Right below is another category that allows you to set your inbox categories. Use the Add Section button on the right to add a label to your inbox. You can have up to 4 labels at a time, and you can either create your own or use one from the list of already available labels.

  • The last thing you need to do is save your settings, which can be done from the bottom of your screen.

After completing these easy steps, you will find sorting email to be far less frustrating than before. If you include filters into the mix, the experience is even more simplified.