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The highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV is finally coming out today and everyone will get a chance to step in Noctis’s footsteps and ride around with the gang. Driving around FFXV’s open world is quite an adventure itself and new players should to prepare themselves before joining Noctis and the gang in their adventures.


The game’s developers implemented an auto-save system into the game, but saving manually is always the better choice.

If players find themselves at the entrance of a new dungeon, the best thing they can do in that moment is to save before entering the dungeon, maybe the dungeon proves to be hard and they need to restart it from the beginning or maybe players might want to replay the opening cinematic once again.

AP abilities

A cool tip for new players that wish to increase their AP abilities is to unlock the nodes that allow them to gain AP points while riding around the map. This is the fastest known way of gaining free AP points.

Back Attacks

The best way to dish huge amounts of damage is to attack enemies from their blindside. Attacking from the blindside will also trigger Noctis’s friends to attack at the same time thus making this move a very powerful one.

Another important game mechanic is that players can attack an enemies body parts (hands, tails) and this will put enemies in a vulnerable state.


This is one of the fundamentals techniques FF XV players have to learn before completely mastering all the combat tactics. There are different ways of avoiding damage, but blocking is the most reliant one of them all. The way a player can perform this maneuver is to hit the square button on PS4 and then the circle button for a powerful counter attack.

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