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Both Opera Mini and UC Browser are apps made specifically for mobile internet browsing, although the former has a rich past in desktop browsing. However, with the market shift towards more versatile, on-the-go computing solutions such as smartphones, Opera was compelled to come up with a mobile version of its software.

While each browser brings its own flavor to the table, there are some common elements that are worth discussing, so in the remainder of this article we will take a look at what either browser has to offer and hopefully you will be able to make a decision of your own in regards to which browser is not necessarily better, but fits your style more.

Opera Mini

The Opera mobile solution comes with a friendly user interface that welcomes you with useful  tools such as the frequently accesses pages window, where a selection of your most visited websites is displayed. This allows you to instantly get back to what you were doing last time you opened the browser. It’s a nice addition, and kind of gives you that regular customer vibe, where it’s enough to order” the usual”.

Performance-wise, Opera Mini manages to keep it steady with resource consumption. A browser going overboard with the amount of RAM it uses, especially on a mobile device could be quite costly for the overall functionality of the device.

UC Browser

UC Browser also incorporates a pleasant UI that manages to serve both tech savvy consumers and newcomers to mobile browsing alike. In terms of features, UC Browser is a pretty sturdy companion, which comes with various sharing features that allow you to share web pages on the go. UC Browser also comes with a frequently visited quick start page, similar to the one that Opera Mini has.

Both browsers are viable and offer a decent amount of features. While for some choosing one of them is easy, they’re both free so it’s very convenient to just download them both and see what works for you.