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There have been attacks that exploit and demonstrate clear and dangerous flaws in Tor Browser’s  coding, and an alarm has been immediately pulled by Tor officials. They have on to make a post which explains the situation.

It seems that the attackers have found weaknesses in Tor’s coding which allows them to collect information from users that are using the private browsing feature. This is a serious concern as private information can be disclosed to the detriment of those attacked.

The way these attacks work is by  recognizing  JavaScript code loading and acting on the deployment of scaled vectors by sending the victim’s IP and MAC credentials to a server controlled by the hackers.

While most users out there won’t get the full extent of their process, they can find comfort in the fact that Tore is already on it and has already made an update available. Tor officials urge users to update their browser version so that they do not become victims of these attacks.

Tor is a browser which has been developed based on Mozilla’s open source browser. Since the vulnerability has been found in a browser that shares its code, Firefox took action and it too came out with an update that is meant to right the wrongs in the coding which can lead to serious invasion of privacy.

Mozilla also took it to a blog post to make the problem known to the general public by stating that the Windows platform was the only one attacked to the best of their knowledge.

However, while stating that Mac and Linux users haven’t been victims of the attacks, they were still in a vulnerable position, being affected by the security flaw found in the browser and therefore should also update as soon as possible.