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Samsung is a smartphone manufacturer that knows how to maintain presence in the upper scene of the handset market. This has been proven time and time again by successful releases of devices that have passed the test of time. Despite its recent Note 7 incident, Samsung’s reputation as a company that provides quality products remains.

Usually, we would try to see how the brand fares against its competitors but what if Samsung was its own competition ? In this article we’re going to talk about the Galaxy S8 and how the S7 holds up against Samsung’s newest flagship which promises new features and upgraded gear.


Samsung has always provided very nice displays for its devices. It looks like nothing’s going to change here, as reports are coming in about a superhydrophobic display for which the company allegedly secured a license.

This will make the device’s screen easier to keep clean, with no fingerprints or smudges sticking to the screen. Users can expect to see pressure sensitive technology as well, like the 3D Touch functions of the iPhone 7. The overall screen size might also be greatly improved by the potential lack of a Home button which people are speculating about. Samsung is apparently thinking about replacing it with a digital button onscreen, which will free up more room for the screen.


There are talks about a pretty powerful hardware configuration set up for the S8, with most people believing that Samsung will implement the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processing unit, which will guarantee high performance for the foreseeable future.

The Korean tech giant usually comes out with a second variation for the CPU, which in this case seems to be the Exynos 8895. The one you get is based on the market you’re acquiring the handset from. Either way, it is said that we will be treated with a 10 nm architecture, as opposed to the 15 nm one found on previous releases. This is a major performance booster. To round up the specs, we might get 256 GB of storage space and a stunning 6 GB RAM capacity, which is currently considered borderline overzealous.

It seems like Samsung has big plans for the S8, which not only has to live up to the Galaxy line’s reputation, but also make up for the Note 7 fail which really showed in sales.