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There are so many choices when considering a new smartphone, regardless of the market range you’re choosing from. That is why it is understandable when people tend to pick the wrong device for them because they weren’t that well informed on what each handset has to offer.

If you’re undecided between the Asus Zenfone 3 and the Galaxy J7 from Samsung, we can help you figure out which would better suit your style.


The display comparison is interesting, as both devices bring forth compelling arguments. Starting off with the Zenfone 3, we have a 1080p display which uses IPS technology.

Measuring 5.5 inches, it faces the Samsung display which also measures 5.5 inches and features Super AMOLED technology. Despite this, the J7 can only provide 720p resolution.


While the camera provided by the Samsung J7 boasts a 13 MP lens on the back, coupled with a 5 MP front camera, it can’t compete with the 4K recording-ready, 16 MP- 8 MP camera combo featured on the Asus Zenfone 3, with the bigger lens on the rear of the device.


When it comes to processor choices, both devices will try to entice you with their Qualcomm Snapdragon offerings. While the J7 uses the Snapdragon 617 octa core chip, Asus’ Zenfone  offers the Snapdragon 625 CPU. The RAM capacity is also tilted in the Zenfone’s favor, with 4 GB as opposed to the 2 GB on the Samsung device.

In terms of internal storage capacity, the Asus handset can have up to 2 TB through a microSD, but normally comes with 64 GB. The Samsung J7 users won’t be thinking about 2 TB anytime soon as their handset comes with 16 GB of storage space which can be boosted up to 128 GB.

The only category where the J7 seems to be picking up slack is battery life, as it offers a larger, 3300 mAH battery as opposed to the 3000 mAH unit found in the Zenfone 3.