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Mojang has released Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android in 2011, being exclusive for Sony’s Xperia Play smartphone. Now that the game is celebrating its 5th anniversary, the developer has prepared an important update and published a trailer for the Ender Update (1.0).

After Mojang has launched Minecraft Pocket Edition, Microsoft has bought the company for $2.5 billion. It was a wise investment, as currently, the mobile version of the game has over 40 million players and counting, becoming one of the most downloaded paid games from the Google Play Store.

Mojang continued to improve the mobile version, so it can have the same features as the PC version and new features are expected to be introduced in the 1.0 update that will be released by the end of the month, when Minecraft Pocket Edition will reach the 100 million copies sold milestone.

The guys at Mojang are planning to brings “The End” content to the Windows 10 and the Pocket Edition versions, so instead of naming the update Windows 10 Edition Beta or Minecraft: Pocket Edition Beta, it will be simply named Update 1.0. Some of the new features that will be added in this update include a 256-block world height (increased from 128-block height), the Ender Dragon, Shulkers, Elytra and End Ships.

Mojang hasn’t offered more details about the aforementioned features, but it listed the other changes that will be made to the game.

So, for starters, the developers will introduce a special feature called the “World Seed Library”, which will help players easily find worlds with features that interest them; the chilly worlds will be populated by polar bears and from place to place, there will be igloos; players will be able to download separately the original soundtrack of the game; Mojang will add support for Oculus Touch input, so that the game can be played using an Oculus Rift headset.