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The latest Maps update for Android received a functionally that allowed users to look for stops near their location, such as gas stations or restaurants, without having to leave the current turn-by-turn navigation session. The same feature was brought to iOS users, thanks to the new Google Maps version 4.25.

From now on, when tapping the little search button on the top-right of the screen, a menu will pop up and you will choose what kind of stop you are looking for. The application will scan nearby areas and locations that are along your route, so you will know how many choices you have.

If you’re too lazy to manually check for places you want to visit, just ask Google to look for them and when the “Add stop” button will pop up, you will just tap on it and the new location will be included in your route.

The new update contains also a new widget called “Nearby traffic”, which indicates traffic conditions in your area, so you will be warned about jams that could force to you find alternative routes.

If roads are marked green, then you won’t encounter any traffic delays, but if they are marked red, you’ll definitely have to adjust your route. Other messages offered by this widget will inform you that the traffic is light in your area, or faster than usual.

In order to add the new feature, you will need to reach the widgets page by swiping on your iPhone, then you will scroll to the bottom, tap Edit and somewhere at the bottom of the list you’ll find “Nearby Traffic”. Add it by tapping on the green plus sign.

The Maps version 4.25 is available for download from the iTunes store or via your iPhone’s App Store app. The update also brings bug fixes and it has a total size of 99.4MB.