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Recently, a problem has been brought to the public’s attention on the Opera forums, regarding Adobe Flash Player.

While Adobe’s Flash Player is beginning to decrease in popularity, with many people refraining from using it anymore, some have found that Adobe’s service won’t detect available updates for users that utilize older versions of the Opera web browser.


At the moment I am running Opera 12.16 on a older computer with Adobe flash player

Just recently Adobe does not offer me the option to update to Adobe flash player

I was wondering if this is a common problem??

Thanks in Advance..”

This could have been caused by a number of things, but it looks like the issue might have been triggered by using a computer with older components which do not support some current generation software instructions. Another user went on to comment that they also stumbled upon this inconvenience while using a computer with an old processor which does not support SSE2.

Although Adobe has been updated to version, some users, such as the one that commented on the Opera forums, find themselves stuck on version or below due to the outdated tools. We’re talking about either browser or hardware, as the exact perpetrator cannot be pinpointed yet.

Considering all the recent incidents that occurred due to outdated plugins, and the serious security threat that an outdated Flash Player poses in general, it is best that users take action as soon as possible. While the automatic update checker doesn’t work, it seems that Flash can still be updated manually, so users should visit Adobe’s website and manually download the update as reports claims that the automatic Adobe updater will crash on such unsupported systems.

While some features maintain presence on older hardware, it is best to update your configuration if finances permit it, to secure a much higher level of security when using the internet and a much lower risk of incompatibility for both online and offline applications.