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In about three weeks, Oculus Rift owners will be able to play Xbox One games using their virtual reality headsets, thanks to a new free update to the Oculus Rift PC app. By bringing this feature, it doesn’t mean that Xbox One games will be turned into VR experiences, but at least gamers will play them in front of the huge display placed inside the Oculus Rift.

The Oculus Rift was released on March 28 2016, with an introductory price of $599. The device weights 470 grams and its specs include a PenTile OLED display with a resolution of 2160×1200 pixels (1080×1200 pixels per eye) that supports a 90 Hz refresh rate. It has integrated 3D audio headphones, but which are removable and optional headphone jack input.

It connects via HDMI 1.3, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 and it’s compatible with computers that have a CPU equivalent to an Intel Core i5-4590 that’s backed by at least 8 GB of RAM, and have an AMD Radeon R9 290 or Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 graphics card.

Now, if you happen to play games on an Xbox One console, then you will surely want to increase your adrenaline levels, by moving the action in the virtual world. Just like playing games on Windows 10 PCs using an Oculus Rift headset, starting December you will enjoy the same gaming experience, as the games will be streamed from your Xbox One console.

Minimum network requirements haven’t been revealed yet, but we can guarantee that it’s better to connect the Xbox One console to the Oculus Rift headset via Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi, for the best experience.

Players will view the virtual screen in three different environments: Citadel, Retreat, and Dome and they will use the Xbox Wireless Controller which was created to make interchangeable gaming between the console and Windows 10 PCs and tablets very easy.