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Today we will compare the Voice Calling feature that’s available on both Skype and WhatsApp applications.

First of all, you should know that WhatsApp was made especially for smartphones, while Skype was initially a computer-to-computer application, but now you have the possibility to install it on your mobile device.

Keep in mind that free VoIP (voice over IP) is offered only between people who use the same service. In other words, if you want to make free Voice Calls on WhatsApp, you will firstly need an internet connection on your mobile device and the other person will need to install WhatsApp on his/her smartphone and to have access to the internet.  Same goes for Skype.

Call Quality

When it comes to the call quality, you should know that it depends on the internet connection between the two persons that are talking via VoIP. This means that if one of the two persons has a bad connection, then the voice quality will not be too good.

However, when both users have a good internet connection, you will notice that the voice quality is way better on Skype than on WhatsApp. However, let’s not forget that Skype has been here for over a decade and the service has been improved in time.


Both applications come with some pretty good features, but we can clearly say that Skype is a clear winner. First of all, the WhatsApp application can be used only with people that use the same service, while Skype can also be used for making landline/mobile phone calls (keep in mind that the voice calls to landline or mobile phone numbers are paid).

At the same time, Skype comes in a full version on both desktop and mobile platforms and it allows you to share the screen of your computer, make a video calling conference, and share files.


WhatsApp is an awesome application and it offers a decent Voice/Video calling feature. However, we have to agree that Skype is way better as it comes with a flawless Voice/Video Calling feature along with many more other features that WhatsApp misses.