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Video calling is becoming more and more popular nowadays, especially after it was released for the WhatsApp application. However, let’s not forget that Facebook Messenger had this feature for quite a while.

Today we will compare these two applications and see which one of them is “wasting” more data while using the Video Calling feature. Each video call had a length of 5 minutes and the tests were repeated a few times and the average number was picked up.

It seems that the WhatsApp application has used an average of 26MB after a 5 minute Video Call. However, due to connectivity issues, we’ve noticed a number of dropped calls and sometimes we were able to hear the other person, but the video was frozen.

On the other hand, the Facebook Messenger Video Calling feature has “wasted” about 22MB after a 5 minute Video Call. The quality was pretty good, with a latency of 0.5 seconds, which is not that bad and the Video was pretty smooth.

It is good to know that the video on the WhatsApp application was more pixilated compared to the Facebook Messenger. The latter was offering a smooth video while using less data than the WhatsApp application.

So, if you want to make Video calls via a mobile application, we suggest you to do it via the Facebook Messenger. It seems that the developers of WhatsApp have still a good amount of work to do this application. Hopefully, soon enough, the WhatsApp Video Calling feature will function smoothly and it will not use so much data. For the best Video Calling experience, we suggest you to connect your mobile device to a fast Wi-Fi connection with at least 1 Mbps or 4G mobile data.

HINT: Data consumption will vary with the speed of the connection, as well as the maximum video size your camera is capable of. At the same time, the connectivity is a two-way issue, which means that if the other person (or you) has a low speed internet connection, there will be always problems while using the Video Calling feature on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.