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Currently, Google Chrome version 54.0.2840 is still the latest stable version of the popular web browser. This won’t remain true for long as there is an update expected in December and that’s for version 55. That particular version will feature a number of changes, but most importantly it will include a solution to Chrome’s memory-hogging issue.

While we know that version 55 is coming, users who are curious can actually check out the changes themselves. The development team behind Chrome has set up various channels that allow users to test out upcoming versions of the web browser.

There are various stages involved in software production and it’s quite nice of the Google Chrome development team to open up their work to the public. They have daily builds all the way up to stable builds that users can freely access. The software – polished or not – are released through channels.

Of course, the Stable Channel means that the product is done and has undergone strenuous tests and is rarely going to crash or run into issues – although some hiccups are possible but that will get fixed when reported.

The Beta Channel – which is where version 55 is at the moment – is a bit risky but it’s somewhere close to where the product should be at its official release. This is where you go when you need a feel of what Chrome would be for its next release.

Bugs are pretty common in software development and that’s what you could expect with the Dev Channel – a buggy Chrome version. This is updated once or twice a week so you can clearly see the development stages of the product.

Of course, there’s a channel for the brave of heart: the Canary Build. This is where daily releases are put and if the Dev Channel is buggy, this one is much more.

So there you have it, version 54.0.2840 is the current stable build and you should update yours if you still haven’t. But of course, be careful when you do.