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February was the month that PC users received a big Minecraft surprise called the Combat Update. While console users are getting their own surprise this holiday season, PC and Mac users can delight in the fact that version 1.11 was released quite recently, on November 14, 2016.

With any update, there’s the desire to know what changed and what was added. This is the point of this article: to highlight the additions and changes made to version 1.11. Here they are:

General Additions

  • new splash texts
  • new strings for internationalization
  • new particles such as spit (for llamas) and totem (for activating Totem of Undying)
  • new NBT tags

Game Play Additions

  • added doWeatherCycle for determining weather changes
  • added maxEntityCramming for when one tries to have more than the actual number of entities required; entity starts suffocating as a result
  • added Curse of Binding (binds item to player) and Curse of Vanishing (makes an item disappear)
  • added the /locate command for querying the location of a structure, e.g. /locate Fortress
  • added Mobs: Vindicators (a kind of Illager – a Villager relative but with pale grey skin and dark clothes – that has an Iron Axe as weapon and spreads their arms when aggravated); Evokers (another kind of Illager that will drop Totem of Undying upon death); Vex (spawns when summoned by an Evoker); Llama (spawns in Extreme Hills)
  • added Blocks: Observer (previously in Pocket and Windows 10); Shulker Box (like a chest but keeps content even when broken)
  • added Items: Spawn Eggs, Shulker Shell, Totem of Undying (held by Evokers and can resurrect a player after they’ve suffered lethal damage) and Exploration Map (used to locate Ocean Monuments and new Woodland Mansions but can only be taken from Cartographer Villagers)
  • added features to world generation: return portals (generated at random throughout the End and close to End Cities; similar to End gateways but they teleport to the spawn platform of the main island) and Woodland Mansion (the home of Illagers; generated in Roofed Forest biomes)


  • messages in chat are now 256 characters in length compared to the 100 characters of previous versions
  • warnings – some of them – can appear above the hotbar rather than in the chat
  • new Exhaustion levels like 0.05 per jump for jumping from 0.2
  • a major overhaul for fishing including being able to catch ink sacs in stacks of 10
  • more items that can be turned into fuel
  • increased block for shields, from 66% to 100%

There are so many other changes in version 1.11 of Minecraft but the ones listed here are the highlights. There’s so much more to look forward to with the new version as it has new Mobs and world generation features.

The Minecraft user base has clearly evolved since it was first launched. Now, the game is giving so much more to those who have been loyal to it for years, even the Pocket Edition is getting nice updates.