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With The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim being the huge success that it was, fans are expecting Bethesda to release another installment in the franchise any time now. The game’s community was expecting Bethesda to unveil the new Elder Scrolls 6 during the last E3 event that took place in October, but they were disappointed to hear that Bethesda didn’t talk about a new Elder Scrolls game.

Launch Date

The game seems like in the development phase right now and we might have to wait a while before it gets released. Mainly because they want to bring something innovative to the game and they don’t have the available technology yet.

One game developer from Bethesda even stated “I could sit here and explain the game to you, and you would say, “That sounds like you don’t even have the technology-how long is that going to take?”.  From the game developer’s statement we realize that the game’s release date will not be any time soon.

Game Engine

Bethesda is expected to install a new game engine for the upcoming Elder Scrolls 6 game and reason for that is because Bethesda has to implement a new engine to allow them to upgrade the graphics and game mechanics.

Since all gaming consoles are focusing on 4K resolution games, higher quality graphics seem to be required for next gen games.


The map and theme is the most important aspect of the game and what will be the next map in Elder Scrolls 6 is very important. Some reports are pointing out that Bethesda will name the next installment in the franchise “The Elder Scrolls: Argonia” and this looks like the game might be centered about the argonian race.

If this proves to be true it means that the Black Marsh will be the next location used in the game.