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It was only available for PC and Xbox One, but Mods for PS4 have now been made available for the public as well. Since the release of Fallout 4, the game has been through a lot of things, including the release of free updates, free Mods, and tons of DLCs.

Mods, for this matter, are available for those who want to expand their gaming realm. As Bethesda has made several Mods available because they can add more value in terms of replays. Take note that Fallout 4 and Skyrim are not offering multiplayer modes. So, here are the most important updates regarding the PS4 Mods.

Creation Kit

Using the Creation Kit it will be possible to create Fallout mods for the PS4. It is basically available for those who are looking to create mods for Windows PC, Xbox One, and PS4. According to Bethesda, it will support the Creation Kit, as players can download the launcher to create their own mods.

It can be recalled that the Creation Kit of Fallout 4 was only made available for the Windows PC only. There was no way it could have made its way to the PS4 or Xbox One.

Release Date

After several months of waiting, the support for PS4 mods for Fallout 4 has now been offered by Bethesda. If you are looking to use the said mods, you need to download the latest update of the company.

Fallout 4 Update 1.8

Basically, the 1.8 update should be live for the PC, but not available for PS4 and Xbox One. If you want to use the mods, you need to have your system updated first. This will provide fixes for gameplay and mods issues.

Mods Size for the PS4

The current mod space for the PS4 is only limited to 900MB, while the Xbox One is limited to 2GB. However, Bethesda claimed that it is working closely with Sony to have the limit increased.

No External Assets

Bethesda has issued a warning about the PS4 Mods for Fallout 4. According to the developer, it will not be able to use external assets, but it will be limited to the assets included in the game itself. This means that PS4 mods for Fallout 4 and Skyrim will be more limited in comparison to the ones on Xbox One and PC.

Fallout 4 Mods for PC Successfully Transitioned to Console

One of the things to look forward to is the mods for Fallout 4 that has gone from PC or Xbox One right through the console. Of the many Fallout 4 mods, keyNuker has made its way. This will be able to create a key ring from the inventory that should hide passwords and keys. For this reason, your tab is going to be more manageable, especially if you are already engaged deep into the game with lots of items being listed.

Perhaps this should be a great way for PlayStation players to enjoy Fallout 4 because of the PS4 Mods, having a great backing from Bethesda itself.