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Owners of Nintendo 3DS have been able to get their hands on the new Pokemon Sun and Moon game for a week already. The game allows players to enter a new world that’s filled with a huge amount of new Pokemon that they can catch and use in battle.

Right now we will take a look over the top three Pokemon that can be found in the Alola region.


The Pokemon is water type and it comes with great Attack and Defense base stats which means that the Pokemon is able to both dish out large amounts of damage and absorb strong blows at the same time. The Pokemon can learn all the major water type moves such as Liquidation, Surf and Waterfall but what’s more important is take it can learn X-Scissor.

Another great move that Golisopod has is the Emergency Exit move which allows the trainer to call back the Pokemon after it reaches a certain amount of HP. The Golisopod evolves from Wimpod, which is a rather weak Pokemon.


Salazzle is a poison/fire type Pokemon that has a rather interesting design. Once it achieves level 33 the Pokemon can be evolved to a Salandit, and a Salandit is great to have because it has the Corrosion ability which allows the player to inflict poison damage to all Pokemon types.


What makes this Pokemon stand out from the rest is its fist ability. Since the Pokemon is a fighting type Pokemon, it has the Iron Fist Ability which empowers all of its punching moves by twenty percent while battling with other Pokemon.

The Iron Fist Ability doesn’t stop at punching moves and also enhances moves such as Dizzy Punch, Fire Punch and Ice Hammer. Once the Pokemon reaches a higher level it can be evolved into Crabominable and this will give the crab the ability to combine Dynamic Punch, Ice Punch and Ice Hammer into one killing blow.

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