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Everybody knows the feeling you get when uploading a huge file into an email attachment, not knowing if it will send or if it’s too big. Well it seems like Microsoft listened to their customer feedback and their latest Office 365 update solves this problem.

This isn’t too big a surprise since Microsoft is known for constantly sending out updates that bring new features and fixes to Office 365.

Sending out big file attachments in emails will finally stop being a problem since Microsoft found a way to do that. The solution is that whenever a user is writing an email in either the Outlook online app or on the desktop app, the user can choose to upload the document to OneDrive and this allows for bigger file attachments. The user can then send the OneDrive link email to his or hers colleges and they can view the email’s attachments without occupying their own storage space.

Microsoft has been promising collaboration improvements like the real-time editing feature for a while now and it has finally arrived. The new Office 365 update brings improvements to collaborative editing by sending phone notifications whenever document is being edited. The real-time editing feature can be used on Windows Tablets, Windows 10 desktops and Windows Mobile apps.

The way this feature works is that whenever someone makes changes to a designated Excel, Word or PowerPoint document the real-time feature will send out phone notifications to the document’s original creator.

Right now the update is only available for Android and Windows Mobile powered devices but Microsoft announced that iOS devices will also receive the update coming December.

What we can expect next from Microsoft is to release additional collaborative features such as Up Next, which will allow the user to snapshot his email calendar and save it in his OneDrive.